Carnatic Classical

Carnatic music programs are designed by highly regarded artists and are endorsed by other famous contemporaries.

Levels, assessments and certifications encourage students to seriously pursue music.


Shruti, the pitch is most important aspect of Music, which keeps the harmony amongst the musicians.

  • Introduction to Shruti

  • Singing Sa Pa Sa

  • Octaves or Sthayis

  • Singing in different Pitches

Online Music Book (OM Book)
The Online Music Book (OM Book) is designed to make complex Music concepts simple and easy to understand for our students.

The OM Book contains:

  • Instructional videos by renowned artists

  • Course Study material

  • Practice session material

With an integrated tool, students get to practice by recording and re-playing, until they are satisfied.

  • Feedback session

Submitted recordings will be assessed by our experienced faculty.

Ankura (A Voice Gym)

Our 'Ankura' program features are intended to nourish and cultivate natural talent of singing in children. The voice exercises that consists:

  • Deep Breathing exercise

  • Voice modulation exercise

  • 'अ' kara in different speeds

  • Learning about Saahitya and Bhaava

  • Tips to take care of your voice


  • Voice enhancement

  • Voice endurance

  • Voice clarity

  • Overcoming vocal or speech issues

We also conduct 'Ankura Workshop' for external students

  • Above 8 years

  • A batch of minimum 10 students

Our students deserve rich accolade.

We wish Best Wishes to all our students to achieve greater degree of perseverance.