Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance tradition of India. Different styles have evolved over ages. We train students in the Kalakshetra Bani.

Why Bharatanatyam?

Bharatanatyam being an ancient form of Indian classical dance, it helps in improving flexibility, blood flow and muscle strength.

Apart from these, it’s proven to have contributing factors towards mental and spiritual well being.

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Learn the basics of Bharatanatyam. This includes Dashavida adavus and other adavus beautifully structured in the Kalakshetra Bani. Post which combination of adavus called korvai are taught.

  • Initiation into dance items Alaripu, Jatiswara and Devaranama.

  • Theory includes Asamyutha Hasthas, Samyutha Hasthas, Shiro Bhedas, Drushti Bhedas, Greeva Bhedas and Bhroo Bhedas.


Learn dance items such as Shabdam, Varnam, Thillana, Keertane, Kautvam and Kritis. Theory includes Asamyutha Hastha Viniyogas, Samyutha Hastha Viniyogas, Deva hasthas, Dikpalaka Hasthas, Sthanakas and Pada Bhedas.

Other details in terms of Ranga and Tala Dasha Prana are also taught.


Learn complex Varnams, Padams, Javalis, Ashtapadis and to choreograph your own dance items. Theory includes different aspects of Natyashastra including Bhava, Rasa, Ashtāvasthas with details on Aesthetics of Indian Dance.